February 20, 2018

I am truly honored and happy to receive the Robert Share Award!

I always feel grateful and lucky to be able to study at Berklee, as it not only broadens my music knowledge, but also arouses my passion and curiosity for exploring more in the world of music. Every class I take, every conversation I have, and every event I attend all inspire me to keep moving forward in music. Through this award, I have more confidence to devote myself to...

February 13, 2018

This is Mira Cho's third recital at Berklee. She directed the show with many music genres, including contemporary piano pieces, jazz, funk, and some of her original compositions. I played viola for one of her arrangement called "Anna", which is a beautiful song by Toto. I love the music and overall atmosphere of the concert. It was joyful to both the eye and ear!

January 22, 2018

At this three-day event (January 19-21), we tried to build Augmented Reality (AR) games to shorten the distance between people and classical music. Our team (from the left is Geyao Zhang, Julia Kornick, me, and Alyssa Dayan) made an AR music creature which only eats music phrase. As long as players collect and let it eat enough food (music phrase), it would evolve to the next form, which is similar to Pokemon. We encountered many chall...

November 20, 2017

This is Berklee Musical Theater Club's first Gala at 160 building. I played viola in the orchestra. We performed songs like "Nicest Kids in Town" from Hairspray, and "Take me or Leave Me" from RENT. It was such an energetic night that everyone was stimulated by the singers and the music!

July 26, 2017

This is a concert held by Society of Composers Club at Berklee. I played viola in a string quartet for the talented composer, Pedro Osuna Ardoy. This is an original music piece by Pedro. It includes elements of contemporary composition technique, rubato, and interaction with audience, which is to let audience sing together with string quartet. It was a special and inspiring performance for me!

April 30, 2017

This year Japan Festival Boston took place at Boston Common Park. Thousands of people gathered there, listening to live performances, eating Japanese food, and wearing kimono and other Japanese decorations. I played viola in the orchestra for one of the live shows. Some of our orchestra members also wore Japanese elements while performing. It was a windy and a bit rainy day, but it didn't affect everyone's enthusiasm at all!

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